martes, 30 de junio de 2015

Brianna, the American assistant girl, left us a 
nice and sweet farewell letter!! 
Thanks a lot!!!

Dear Students of CECIE 21,

                                         It has been so fun working with you all! I have really enjoyed seeing you develop your English skills in class! I am now back in the United States, where I work as a Speech and Debate assistant coach. Basically, what I do, is help out a team of students in a high school in Montana prepare speeches and debates for their tournaments. It’s a very fun job, because I get to see them succeed and win!
                                         It was very fun living in Argentina these past few months. I think you all did an amazing job preparing projects and participating in the activities in class. You are all going to have great English speaking skills some day!
                                         Since coming back to the United States, it has been strange to only hear   English around me, not Spanish. Have you ever heard of reverse culture-shock? This means it takes a little while to get used to your own culture when you return back from a foreign country. For me, it was hard to get used to speaking English again and hardly any Spanish. When I was living in Argentina, I only spoke Spanish with my housemates (the people who lived in my house) in Barrio Boedo. Now that I am back in Montana, I only speak English with my friends and family. I have to try to read and even write a bit in Spanish in my free time so that I don’t forget what I learned in Argentina. !
                                           Some advice for you all: don’t ever stop learning English, or any foreign language! Even people who are already fluent, learn new words and expressions. Learning a new language never ends. This may sound tiring, but it is actually a positive thing. It means there are always ways to improve your skills speaking and writing! Don’t ever give up! !
                                           I hope you have a wonderful rest of your year, !
                                                                                                      Besos, !

miércoles, 17 de junio de 2015

Alice in Wonderland's Characters introduced 
by Briana, the american assistant!!